Choosing Topics in a Creative Curriculum

A creative curriculum is perceived as the way forward in terms of teaching children within a school environment and indeed for the home schooling that is increasing in popularity. It provides flexible teaching so that you can actively choose how you are to teach children rather than being told exactly how you can and cannot teach and what books you can and cannot use. The beauty of a creative curriculum is that it gives you the tools you need to teach but also provides choices in terms of the topics you teach.

Choosing topics in a creative curriculum is not an easy task because they all come within the individual curriculum and in line with the National Curriculum, so the idea is that teachers have a choice of various topics within the creative curriculum so they are able to pick the ones best suited to their pupils learning needs and abilities. As such, you really can make up your own timetable from that.

There are numerous topics you can choose for a creative curriculum in any age group. There are professional companies that provide nine topics within every curriculum and teachers then choose five or six of them to teach. As such, they recognise that you are better placed to select a flexible schedule and topics for your pupils than they are. This flexibility was most definitely not available before, but it has undoubtedly made the whole process of teaching and learning a lot easier.

Topics vary from different year groups so they are provided at a level that is aimed at a specific age range to make understanding of that topic far easier. The range of choice is there but still aimed towards teaching at the appropriate level for the age group. Teaching a creative curriculum has proven to be very effective at giving children a range of lessons in different subjects, broadening their minds and attitudes, this is why it is a still a popular choice in schools with both teachers and pupils.